Buckingham Palace - The new Queen's Gallery

The Plaisterer's Trophy Awards:
Crabb Silver Salver 2003 awarded to Hayles and Howe

Architects: John Simpson and Partners

Upper staircase hall - Scagliola columns and pilasters

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Tusmore House, Oxfordshire

Winner of the Georgian Group's 2004 Architectural Awards:
New building in the classical tradition

The Plaisterer's Trophy Awards:
Humber Silver Salver 2004 awarded to Hayles and Howe

Architects: Whitfield Lockwood Architects

Saloon - Columns, pilasters, frieze and urns

The great triumph of the saloon, however, is the use of scagliola, including the richly coloured and figured Sienna shafts of the eight fluted Corinthian columns...and the urns, entablature and balustrade to the second-floor landing which gives access to four plaster-vaulted ante rooms serving the main bedrooms. All this scagliola was produced by Richard Feroze, England's leading contemporary scagliola-maker for Hayles and Howe.

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The quality of the scagliola columns in the central rotunda has been compared with the finest craftsmanship of the imperial palaces of St. Petersburg.

Giles Worsley - The English country house rises once more - The Daily Telegraph November 2, 2004



St. Joseph's Chapel, London Oratory

Project Architect: Russell Taylor

The colours of the columns and panels were chosen to complement existing marbles in the chapel, and the apse is lined with curved panels which look like red and black marble but which are, in fact, Scagliola, a man-made material used to simulate marble since the late 16th century. Scagliola can be found in many European churches of the Baroque period.

Church Building – Issue 93 May/June 2005